Hi, I”m Rhanda Salameh. Welcome to my website! Whether you are looking for counseling, business consulting, healing, or even more; enjoy reading and exploring the multiple ways in which I can help you be assisted, supported, inspired and empowered.

I have served the personal and professional growth of individuals, couples, families and businesses for more than three decades. I am a therapeutic licensed clinical social worker and coach, a business consultant, and much more. I have been the President of a manufacturing company for Cemetaries. It was my wonderful grandfather’s company and while never anticipated, he asked me to become President when he became ill. It gave me another wonderful group of experiences with the 60 employees, the incredible creations for those who had died, and the cemetery owners.

Having grown up in the United States, Lebanon, and Sweden, my own journey has been global and multicultural, instilling in me a deep respect for my experiences with the cultures, religions, spiritual traditions, and much more.

I’m available in person in Chicago and its suburbs. I also work by phone, and on Zoom, Business consultation is usually on-site. It can also be a blend of on-site and online.

I have also been invited to travel in the US and overseas to teach and lead and facilitate all that you read on this website and even more. This will be possible again once most and preferably all countries are post-pandemic.

And Yay! I am so grateful to Bill Bauman who has written what’s next, and All who have offered written acknowledgment of me in multiple experiences. I attended incredible meetings with Bill for 15 years before he retired. He was so acknowledging of who I Truly Am.

Rhanda Salameh is a brilliant, gifted, transformational therapist, leader, and facilitator. She
possesses profound vision, seeing both the hidden depths and possibility-rich breadth of each
person and/or business, then employing her broad range of skills, talents, and gifts to lead
those she serves to their innate greatness and freedom. Her heart connects with yours,
her wisdom speaks into your depths, and her presence moves you to claim and live your
own empowerment. To spend time with Rhanda is a gift and treasure worth savoring.

—Bill Bauman, Ph.D., Founder: The Center for Soulful Living, Inc.

“I believe in providing deep and meaningful ways to support clients’ lives and goals through
counseling for practical action and through healing and intuitive guidance.”

Rhanda Salameh, MSW, LCSW
630.655.3923 · Rhanda@helpmerhanda.com · www.findyourtrueself.com
Currently living in Evanston, IL. Helping people in Chicago and suburbs and around the world, in person and/or via the Internet.