Assesment Tools

Assessment tools are a great way to get to know yourself better. The information gained can be used for ongoing personal development, a better understanding of yourself in relationships, career consideration and much more. The results do not define or confine you, but rather open doors to “aha” moments, confirmation of personality traits and preferences you’ve known intuitively and a new awareness of yourself in relation to others and to life itself.

Assessment tools are often used to augment our ongoing work together. Some people contact me specifically to access these tools through my online account and to discuss the results and the value of integrating them into their daily lives. Prices vary by assessment. Appointments for interpretation and integration are charged at my regular hourly rate.

Assessments available include:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Step II (Form Q) - While less complete versions of the MBTI can be found online, this version offers more depth of information than any other form and is the assessment tool I most frequently recommend.

  • Firo-B is used to “understand individual needs that shape interpersonal interactions”. It assesses the need for inclusion, control and affection and can be used both personally and within the context of organizations.

  • Firo Business. This is a report that combines results from both the MBTI and Firo-B to assess your leadership.

  • TKI (Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument Profile) is a popular assessment of conflict styles - your preferred style and its benefits will be described as accommodating, competing or collaborative.

  • CPI 434 is a psychological/personality inventory. the report generated reads as if there is a third party describing you.

  • CPI 260 is similar to the 434, with further information on business applications.

  • Strong Interest Inventory Skills Confidence is an additional inventory you can choose once you have completed the Strong. It gives information about your degree of confidence within each area of interest. As with the Firo-B, the Strong Interest Inventory results can be combined with the MBTI results. In this case, the focus is on careers.

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