Counseling and Coaching

I’ve known since adolescence that I wanted to help people of all ages. I ultimately took to graduate studies in social work like a duck to water. After graduating with my Masters Degree, I worked for a number of years in a community family service and mental health center. My work included crisis intervention; individual, marriage and family counseling; group facilitation; and even, after only four years, administration and supervision of graduate students and staff. I launched my private practice in 1991.

I work with individuals, couples and families and I focus on all facets of life. I am a psychotherapist with an interactive, coaching style. Many clients come seeking ongoing, in-depth counseling and others come seeking personal coaching. Some clients have found that even just one session has helped them gain tremendous clarity, inspiration and motivation. My work has been described as “practical, playful and profound” and everyone is welcome. We each have places and experiences we've come from, challenges and opportunities we are facing, growing edges we are honing, and hopes and aspirations for our future.

I am here to listen deeply to you, to be your sounding board and guide, your safe haven, mentor and cheerleader. If you are drawn to work with me, you will experience renewed clarity, vision, and focus. Oh, and did I mention that you are likely to find yourself laughing a lot more and enjoying your life again, or perhaps for the very first time?

I recently had a coaching session with Rhanda and I couldn't be more satisfied. She helped me gain clarity on an issue that has been plaguing me since I started Yes to Success in 1981(!!) and now I have solutions that I know are going to make a huge difference for my future business and personal success. Actually, they already have! If you want to work with someone who is profoundly intuitive, deeply connected and can help you get clear about ANYTHING, you want to work with Rhanda. —Debra Poneman, Best-selling author; Founder and President of Yes to Success Seminars, Inc.

Clarity is at the core of Rhanda’s therapeutic counseling and coaching practices. It brings together her years of experience in psychotherapy and business consulting as well as energy and light healing. You can bring her any concern, topic or issue. She will help you to recognize and engage the wisdom of your soul and to develop your next steps. Her approach is gentle, supportive, direct, empowering and inspirational.

Rhanda will help you to become best friends with your own soul. Your soul is dynamic, ever present and is wanting to communicate with you. Most people have not been taught to notice. Your soul is a constant source of unconditional love and universal energy as well as infinite wisdom and individual guidance. As you learn to identify and listen to your soul’s guidance, your life will flow with greater harmony, joy and purpose.

“Rhanda is insightful, practical and results-oriented. She invited me to look beyond
my difficulties through her visionary expertise, and helped me create a practical approach that gave me confidence and results.” — Carole Malin, Orland Park, IL

“I can bring Rhanda any question or concern. She is consistently able to help me make sense of my thoughts and feelings and show me a path I didn‘t even know was there.” — Pam Peterson, La Grange, IL

Rhanda Salameh, MSW, LCSW
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Currently living in Evanston, IL. Helping people in Chicago and suburbs and around the world, in person and/or via the Internet.