Flower & Gem Essence Consultations

Flower and gem essences are used therapeutically to harmonize the vibrations of our heart, body, mind and soul. Their gentle healing energies help you to unfold your own inner beauty and radiance. They can shift patterns of imbalance on the conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels.

I work with essences from around the world, creating blends specific to your soul’s progression. Through a process of deep listening, kinesiology (muscle testing), and intuitive guidance, I partner with your soul to select and blend remedies that will support your growth. These remedies are taken internally as drops under the tongue.

55 minute consultation $190 — Includes Initial individualized blend
Subsequent 30 minute consultation with individualized blend $80
Subsequent 55 minute consultation with individualized blend $190

Rhanda Salameh, MSW, LCSW
630.655.3923 · Rhanda@helpmerhanda.com · www.findyourtrueself.com
Currently living in Evanston, IL. Helping people in Chicago and suburbs and around the world, in person and/or via the Internet.