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Since January 2017, I have had the privilege and joy of being a Miracles Coach for Your Year of Miracles, a year-long, annual mentoring program that serves members globally. Your Year of Miracles offers practical, profound teachings and proven tools that create conditions for miracles to flow in all areas of life including happiness, health, self-love, relationships, money, and career.

Since its launch in 2014, over 6000 members from more than 75 countries have been mentored in this program, an overwhelming number of whom reported that they have experienced miracles in virtually every area of their lives.

Here is a sampling of what some of my clients have said, and below is more information about the Year of Miracles program.

— Rhanda is calm, gentle, grounding, intuitive, wise and conscious; and our coaching sessions bring out those same qualities in me. She has a way of looking at situations in a way that is subtle, yet deeply profound. When working together, I get a strong sense that even though it’s Rhanda on the screen in front of me, her wisdom and knowledge are coming through to her from a higher, divine source.

  —Kasey Mathews

— Being coached by Rhanda has been a penetrating, deeply spiritual pathway of growth and maturation. Whilst business coaching me, my experience has been one of resounding sacred business. Rhanda has empowered me to be able to move into my leadership and path of service in an authentic, expanded way that I can truly embody and own, for it’s aligned with my integrity. Rhanda works with an impulse of love, insightfulness and absolute authenticity that I am so grateful to have experienced. Extraordinary miracles have occurred, and I wholeheartedly attribute one of the grandest, to be able to work with Rhanda. Working with Rhanda has allowed me to clearly see not only my tension points of resistance, but how to strategically address and work through these allowing myself and my business to evolve and grow. With Rhanda’s guidance, I have been able to say “Yes” to new vistas of possibility. Rhanda’s gentle yet penetrating manner has allowed me to continue to work consistently toward accomplishing my goals in an active and enlivened way, whilst acknowledging the reality of tasks and duties I carry in my full life.

  —Dipika Delmenico

— From the first coaching session I had with Rhanda in 2017, I recognized her depth of spirit, and that she embodies a rare combination of being a top level business and life coach, an intuitive, a profoundly wise teacher, and energy healer. And, I joyfully resonate with her playful nature! 2019 is my third year of having the honor and grace to work with Rhanda. I count her as one of the most profound teachers and mentors that I have had. She has the innate gift and goodness to bring out the best and highest potential in each one she works with. There is an experience of unconditional love and respect which offers a safe and sacred place to be truly authentic—a field of infinite potential where miracles abound. I am deeply grateful and blessed to know Rhanda and have her as a coach.

  —Jane Kuhn

— Rhanda is keenly versed in multiple healing modalities and demonstrates an innate ability to connect with clients from a deep inner knowing. I appreciate her profound skill in combining evidence-based research with deep wisdom. I consider Rhanda to have the knowledge of a heartfelt healer and highly recommend her to those looking for profound levels of personal growth.

  —Susan J. Navarro

A single glance. A quick look. Then there’s that look. It’s a rare person who takes the time to really notice other people around them in the midst of the hustle and bustle of all our daily lives. It’s even more rare for one to notice the subtle messages coming from another’s eyes. Some eyes are twinkling with an easy greeting. Some eyes are expressionless, or are well guarded, all for good reasons. And then there are those eyes communicating the essence of love just as we are, really seeing us as the truly beautiful expression of humanness, in complete otherworldly understanding despite our thinking no one else understands us.

I was at a gathering filled with many like-minded people all striving for the idea of thriving and being of good in the world. As we all were mingling, there was one brief moment where my eyes met this other person’s eyes. In that split second, I experienced that look of someone who really, truly, understood me on a very deep level; this total stranger was recognizing and acknowledging my true essence. At that time, I hadn’t personally acknowledged nor embraced my true essence of pure goodness, and here this pair of kind eyes really saw through me to my heart core. We didn’t talk right away. Months later, I never forgot that feeling of being acknowledged on a deeper level, that sense of being “seen” and “recognized as Divine Essence Truth.”

Eventually, about a year later, we connected again, and now I’m honored to call Rhanda my business coach. She is the owner of those beautiful and lovingly expressive eyes. She is someone who finally gets me, someone who understands those of us who know there is more to life’s interactions than the superficial, physical level. There’s so much energy and connection all around us, on a much deeper layer waiting to be discovered and incorporated. Rhanda is the perfect coach for one who is willing to explore the integration of deep connections and intentional purpose work.

 —Heidi Sue Adams

My radar was correct to choose you as my coach this year! You have a gift and I’m the one receiving it. Know, I hold you in the highest regard! I am still sitting for guidance at your feet!

 —Pam Bouma Miller

I have worked with Rhanda for two years, and in that time, I have been amazed at the different ways she has helped me on my journey. While I have appreciated her clear and extremely helpful business advice, it has been the personal side that comes to mind most. Rhanda has a way of holding space and guided me with her light when I was at some of the darkest times of my life. Her gentle and wise spirit communicates with such ease and grace. I feel so fortunate that Rhanda is my coach.

  —Virlane Torbit

In Your Year of Miracles, each year participants have indicated that their joy, success, and passion for life have increased exponentially. In a survey conducted at the conclusion of the 2018 program, 94% reported that the miracle intentions that they set at the beginning of that year had come to fruition.

I was originally recruited as a business coach for the “Inner Circle” members of Your Year of Miracles. I was excited because I felt that this would be a relevent fit in alignment with who I am and with my decades of experience as a business coach and consultant, as a psychotherapist and life coach, as an energy healer and as someone who has experienced multiple miracles in life. I knew that I would be delighted to coach all national and international participants who would select me.

The results have been greater than I ever could have imagined! Each Inner Circle participant receives 20 coaching sessions per year (20 life, or 10 life and 10 business sessions).

My clients experienced dramatic improvements with me both in their business and personal lives during my first year of coaching. Subsequently and at their request, I was invited to become the first and only Your Year of Miracles coach to provide both Life and Business coaching to Inner Circle members.

My work has been described as “practical, playful and profound”. I love to work and play in the Miracle Zone with my wonderful clients! All Year of Miracle participants have the brilliance and commitment of the heart-centered founders and leaders to draw on. Those in the Accelerated and the Inner Circle groups additionally have the coaches who also provide depth, sensitivity, and leading-edge expertise. This definitely enables a truly miraculous experience for members, and indeed for all of us who are deeply committed to living our best lives.

As co-founder Marci Shimoff says, “A miracle is a welcome and unexpected event that cannot yet be explained by science. It’s considered an act of divine grace. We can create the conditions for miracles to flow in our lives.” And I would add that Miracles are just outside of our current awareness, and when they occur, our awareness expands.

Rhanda Salameh, MSW, LCSW
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Currently living in Evanston, IL. Helping people in Chicago and suburbs and around the world, in person and/or via the Internet.